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Access Control

High-Tech Security Solutions

Full IP Access Control solution with full range of identification technologies (cards, memories, biometrics) and physical access systems (doors, portals, barriers, turnstiles).



Register visitors in seconds

With Argus Visitor Management, you need a few seconds to get information automatically from the citizen's card or passport, print the visitor's ID, and notify the person being visited.



Canteen Management

Datelka provides a Canteen consumption management solution including meal ordering,meals served and extras, with credit and prepayment, using ancillary and biometric identification processes.

The control and management of all activities related to the canteen users is simple and convenient, allowing a greater profitability of all the processes related to the canteen management.



The best Time Attendance Software

Shift and Schedule management, vacations and working hours. Automatic Shifts.Processing and classification of overtime. Ongoing balance of attendance, missed working periods and delays.



Kanban Solutions

Information everyone can see

Cyber ​​Panel is the most effective and simple way to use an electronic Kanban System. Imagine it as a traditional Kanban frame, but where cards change color, change positions, and can be viewed from any location on your computer network, on any screen, computer or mobile device.


Stick a memo and make sure it will be seen.


Safety and Traceability

Datelka developed a storage modules solution where all the contents are identified with RFID tags, allowing them to be read without line of sight, from a central point in the premises: in a few seconds it’s possible to know the contents of the cabinet and obtain an effective control. Any alteration to the cabinet's contents is registered automatically and assigned to the user, who can monitor all the steps on a touch screen that controls the cabinet.